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23. September, 2015

Top 10 Flat Powerpoint Presentation Templates For Fall 2015

Powerpoint Presentations are a great way to support a speech, visualize complicated concepts or focus attention on the subject. However, a bad presentation can achieve the opposite. Poorly designed slides with too much text or bad graphics can distract or worse, irritate the audience.

People often easily access the presentations, not realizing the importance of good presentation and a special resonance and possible positive effects that good presentation can have on their career (just as bad and presentations have a negative impact). Everything will be clearer if we consider about what makes a good presentation: structured, analytical skills, creativity, the ability of [...]

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16. September, 2015

Top 10 WordPress Blog Templates for Fall 2015

Some people write blog for fun, hobby or other interests. On the blog can be a lot to learn about a variety of topics and experiences with certain products, services from people who bought it and use it.

You might have noticed that today almost every serious company has a blog. However, not only businesses and some mega corporations write blogs, but also small businesses too, and it has proven to be a very successful tool in attracting new customers and retain old ones.

The blog for business purposes is used for two reasons:

Blog is written for the purpose of SEO which helps to attract and increase the number of people who will visit your site. More people on your [...]
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3. September, 2015

The rise and fall of HTC

The HTC company is not the best financially these days so that the leadership decided to dismiss 15 percent of its workforce due to poor sales of smartphones. Last HTC’s financial statements in recent days, issued a hard debate on a global ICT and business scene, and some media further heated up the atmosphere estimates that the company due to falling share prices can not survive.

The value of shares of HTC Corp. this year fell 60 percent, investors have sent a message that the brand, the company and the building of the manufacturers of smartphones is worthless. The market value of HTC in the beginning of August fell to 47 billion New Taiwan dollars (NT) – $ 1.5 [...]

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