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26. November, 2015

Fun Facts About Black Friday

The holiday fever begins: In one day this year, 27 November, will be spent tens of billions of dollars. To attract customers, many traders with the best deals are starting exactly on Black Friday. Due to the discounts, for customers, Black Friday is even more profitable than Christmas sales. At best discounts are almost always electronic appliances and toys.

How was Black Friday originated? There are three theories

According to one theory, which is also called the theory of black ink, traders are most of the year operated with losses and then gain profits exclusively during the holiday season sales that began immediately after Thanksgiving. Dealers are therefore symbolically [...]

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24. November, 2015

American Startup Facts for 2015

America invented the startup concept. It got us kind of used to it being innovative in the field of business and providing lessons for the rest of the world in that field of human activity. These are some interesting facts about startups based on information on 79.166 startup businesses in the United States tracked by AngelList.

When talking about location, it turns out California is the state with most startup projects and New York as a city alone has 10.316 startups. The runner up with 10.110 registered startup companies is San Francisco, and the bronze goes to Los Angeles with 4.711 companies (5.96%). Silicon Valley blooms with startups with 20% of total amount, and [...]

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23. October, 2015

All About Amazon: Interesting Facts, Stats, History Timeline & More

Amazon started their business 20 years ago in the garage, and now they have even more employees than Microsoft. There are very few people on the Internet who have not heard of Amazon.com. Their slogan “Earth’s biggest selection”, shows that they are the largest in its field and the vast majority of Internet users knows that.

All about Amazon

Back in 1995 Amazon opened the virtual doors of their shops and then, only a few people knew what the word Amazon.com even means. Was their brand recognizable than? Well, very little. Becoming a global brand is not so easy. Probably on the incredible rise of Amazon.com you can find a volumes analysis of its successful [...]

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25. August, 2015

Facts You Didn’t Know About eLearning

eLearning can be defined as the performance of the educational process with the help of information and communication technologies. Freely translated, this means that it is learning via computer, for which you need the Internet and is able to learn from anywhere and at any time. It can written text, voice, video or tests. Many do not have time for additional training courses because of work, college or other commitments. So this is a great opportunity that allows you to gain knowledge in your own home. Throughout the learning you interact with your instructor. This kind of learning will usually provide you a variety of IT colleges, language schools or certain educational institutions [...]

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