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13. May, 2016

Internet Firsts

Internet has revolutionized communications and computers like nothing else before. Internet is like a representation of how something can be successful if you sustain commitment and investment to develop and research infrastructure of information. But, have you ever wondered what are the first things that ever happened on Internet? You probably want to know what was the earliest song downloaded or what was written in the first tweet? Today it’s like a second nature to send emails or order almost anything online, but once this was a very desolate and different place. Let’s comb through some of the most interesting firsts on internet.

The first uploaded photo [...]

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23. February, 2016

20 Facts About E-learning

In most basic form, e-learning is accessing knowledge using computer technology or other electronic devices, so the person can learn outside the typical school classroom. Well, I could say that most people that used or still using computer, had some type of e-learning. In beginnings, this type of learning was not well received as people believed if children had computers inside classroom it will somehow remove that necessary human interaction. But as technology advanced through time, more schools are now accepting technological devices in classrooms for learning. There are few popular methods for e-learning. You can either learn through listening to audio recordings, [...]

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29. December, 2015

7 Facts You Need to Know Before You Start an E-Commerce Business

If you do not already have your own e-commerce business and offer our products and services is still not online, you’re missing the possibility of a significant improvement of your business. The process of buying of modern consumers today begins with reviewing and comparing offers and prices on-line, and constantly growing number of purchases are made exclusively through web stores.

E-commerce allows the placement of different products and services. Whether you are a small start-up in the beginning or veteran in the business, it is important to adapt to the new way of buying and searching offers. Today it is possible to find an excellent e-commerce business solutions [...]

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9. December, 2015

Social Media Facts 2015

Social networks are now reinforced their positions so well, that we have the top 5 most popular which does not change through years. However many vary by levels of use in different countries and demographic.

Social networks are growing up. Although it seems as if it were yesterday, Facebook exists for 11 years. It soon becomes a teenager of social networks, but it is still a leader among them.

Google has tried with its platform Google +, but unfortunately created a social network that few marketers understand too seriously. The problem lies in the fact that social networks in the past year diligently worked on the principle of “pay, and work.” Another trend [...]

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