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17. December, 2015

2015 Review: The most important moments on Facebook and Twitter

2015 is about to end, so we decided collect 2015 review videos made by Facebook and Twitter with the most important moments in order to be remembered. So this December Facebook and Twitter announced the annual top list of topics that are discussed and which marked 2015. Looking at the list of topics that have resulted in the highest number of releases will be difficult to put a smile on our face, perhaps only an occasional tear.

In addition to a number of social issues, on Facebook we could in 2015 read posts and watch images of war and natural disasters, terrorist attacks and refugee crises. As they themselves have indicated, this is certainly one of the saddest years since [...]

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27. November, 2015

19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook

You think you know all about Facebook? Well, there is always something new with wich this social media giant may surprise you! See below:

1. Teach your friends on Facebook how to pronounce your name

On your profile in the “About” section select “Detail About You” and under “Name pronunciation” click on “How do you say your name?”

2. Disable “Seen” in facebook messenger

Sometimes “seen” in messages can bring us in an unpleasant situation, but also gives us the obligation to respond to the message, although perhaps we are not in the mood for it.

To avoid download the [...]

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20. November, 2015

Why Brands Should Embrace Instagram Instead of Facebook

Instagram is a social network that allows users to post photos and video content. Facebook as the most used network also received the ” rival ”, which was recently included sponsored ads in its offer. Advertising Agencies do not recommend advertising on social networks to anyone. Companies operating in the B2B market should not waste time or resources on advertising on social networks, on the other hand, companies oriented to end consumers can easily increase their identity by using social networks.

However, what is it that companies ensures greater success on Instagram? Why some companies should embrace Instagram instead of Facebook? The key factor is kind of [...]

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9. November, 2015

Facebook Vs Snapchat

Facebook has already spent billions of dollars for  buying startup companies – the first such large acquisition was Instagram for which he gave a billion dollars, then took over the company for a virtual reality Oculus for $ 2 billion, while for WhatsApp gave a whopping $ 22 billion. These companies could not say no to Zuckerberg and his billions of dollars, but one of the few people who refused Facebook was Evan Spiegel and he refused him twice. Spiegel is one of the founders and CEO of Snapchat, extremely popular application for sending self-destructing messages. First, Zuckerberg wanted to buy it for billion dollars, but when Spiegel refused, he offered him a three billion, [...]

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