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14. May, 2017

Public Relations Objectives and Their Function Within Organisations

Public Relations (PR) is the main backbone of the communications function. This part seeks to establish, build and maintain good relations with the public. Some of that public group includes: The consumers, legislators and other stakeholders.

Nowadays the public relations are used not only in the brand building strategy but also to influence the perception and attitude of the nation. (PR) is used in the government and no-for-profit organisations

The main rule for the (PR) is: “Do something good and then talk about it”.

As you can imagine every politician uses their own specifically designed public relations marketing campaign. This usually comes in the form of something [...]

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25. May, 2016

How to Create a Successful Ad on Facebook

Facebook can be great tool for you if you know how to use it right. Facebook looks very easy for using but, if you ever plan some business there you should have advanced strategy. Ads on Facebook can be very profitable, and there are many ways to make them even more effective. When you decide to create ad on Facebook you need to consider most important features. There are 3 elements which you should keep in mind and they are consisted of title, body text and image. Most important of those 3 is image. Everybody says it, as this is what makes or break the ad. The human eyes are being drawn to the ad but if you don’t have something that will grab someones attention people [...]

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