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8. June, 2014

Infographic of Latest Social Media Facts and Statistics 2014

Demand for Social Media statistics is really high. Each year popular online newspapers, magazines and blogs are publishing hundreds of infographics about social media. Most of these social media infographics contains numbers and statistics.We looked around the web and collected latest statistics from various online blogs, magazines and newspapers. Each publication is quoted and quotation source is shown at the end of the quote:

10 Useful Social Networking Statistics for 2014

Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%) among Internet users.

Women are four times more likely to be Pinterest users than men.

Facebook is ageing. 45% of Internet users [...]

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31. May, 2014

Infographic – Women Dominate The Social Media

It’s a universal truth that that men are from Mars and women are from Venus . It’s undeniable fact that gender influence human behavor. Social media is no exception. This time we will try to analyze how men and women use social media and mobile platforms. As infographics shows, men and women do it very differently to each other. Study after study has shown this to be the case ever since platforms such as Facebook and Twitter first opened their doors – but what exactly are these differences, and how does this impact advertising and mobile use? Check out the detailed infographics below for an absolute wealth of facts, figures and statistics, many of which could be very useful for [...]

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1. December, 2013

Vine Infographic – List of 10 Infographics about Vine Social Network

Vine Infographic

Vine is a video app that lets you create short six seconds videos. More and more companies and brands recognize Vine as a strong marketing tool. Long videos take too much space, which makes it difficult to share via social media. With Vine is easy to record and share.In total, the video only lasts 6 seconds, and then plays back in a loop. Infographic is the best way to represent data in a visual way. Therefore we did collect 10 Vine Infographics, which explains and shows all facts about Vine.

Vine vs Instagram Infographic

What is Vine? Infographic

Mobile facts – Vine vs Instagram Infographic

Facts and statistics Vine [...]
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9. November, 2013

Facebook IPO vs Twitter IPO Infographic

Facebook vs Twitter IPO Infographic

The euphoria of the first day’s Twitter shares trading was widely disturbed by media and critical comments from analysts who thought that the share is much too high valued, especially now, when Californian company still does not make a profit. As Twitter IPO infographic explains, while Facebook is generating positive profit, Twitter is loosing money.Twitter’s turnover is growing very rapidly and at a given moment they have the investments and each additional turnover is also additional profit. However, profit will need to be of advertisements. But high amount of ads won’t make users happy… Here are [...]

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