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22. April, 2015

Stay Safe on Facebook – infographic

Facebook is our everyday life and is responsible for the fact that numerous people entered the vast expanses of the Internet through it. Regardless of whether you use Facebook for personal, educational or commercial purposes, it is very important that you keep in mind these few tips to avoid the fate of people who are with carelessness in the virtual space completely destroyed their “real” lives. So let’s start:

Never assume that your online chat is private

Unlike our memories that are often full of holes, false data and interpretation, computers have a perfect memory. Everything that you once wrote on the Internet there generally remains forever, and [...]

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10. February, 2015

All you need to know about Facebook image sizes – infographic

You maintain fan page on Facebook and struggle with the size of images that it supports? Look no further – here are all sizes gathered and displayed in one infographic.

Facebook plays an increasingly important role in advertising and selling products and services, as well as in connecting customers with dealers. Facebook advertising directly ensures greater attendance of your website and increase of attendance expands the number of potential buyers of your products and services. Your ad will show only those that match exactly set parameters in accordance with your ad.

Visuals play an important role in attracting the attention of potential customers – [...]

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24. December, 2014

Facebook and Twitter can sometimes be a reason for quitting job [infographic]

Before the job satisfaction of employees was measured by the days of vacation and personal income. Today, is measured by access to Facebook and Twitter on workplace. Is that a bad thing or not, it could be discussed.

Basically the company that blocked access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, in order to maintain production levels, didn’t achieveed much because employees use personal smartphones or tablets. The most interesting is that some people are thinking about quitting their jobs if they find themselves in situation in which they don’t have access to social networks during work hours. On this subject, see infographic to learn how some people think [...]

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4. June, 2014

Tech Cold War Infographic : Facebook vs Google

Technology Cold War Infographic

Google and Facebook are at technology cold war, spending billions on new companies acquisitions, computer science specialists and new applications development. It’s a fact, that these tech world companies are battling for control of the social networks,applications,advertising and in general – internet. The new XXI century cold war isn’t about communism,capitalism,tanks missiles or army — it’s about tech world domination, consumers online behavior control, leadership in advertising and online services. Technology infographic named “Tech Cold War” shows us how Facebook and Google are competing against each other, and which [...]

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