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25. January, 2016

Social Engineering Explained

Social engineering could be interpreted as an art of manipulating. Criminals are seeking different types of information. If you are the target, criminals try to trick you to give them your credit card number, passwords of different websites you use, or even hack your computer and take control. They use this tactics because its easier to trick people to trust then to find ways to hack your password. In virtual world, you should know when and when not trust a person or take them by their word. Even when you are on telephone if you are not sure the person you’re speaking with is legitimate, you better not provide personal information or any kind of info. It’s just another [...]

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18. January, 2016

Solar Energy Explained

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with every day and it’s not weird anymore to see solar panels on top of houses. Why is solar energy so popular nowadays? And how can people get power from it? Find out in this article.

Solar power can be simply defined as some energy from the sun. Sun is very powerful source of energy and you know that without it life is impossible. Since sun won’t just disappear (I hope) this kind of energy is renewable. What does that mean? Unlike things like earth minerals, fossil fuels, nuclear fuels and similar can be exhausted at some point but energy that comes from the sun shouldn’t. This kind of energy also doesn’t destroy the [...]

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