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12. May, 2016

The Evolution Of The Camera

Among many devices we use today, cameras are playing one of  crucial roles for capturing beautiful moments in our daily life, and as we as people are emotional beings this really means much. But, it took many years to create camera that we use today, be it shoot cameras, compact point, cameras on smartphones or strong DSLR’s. It’s really interesting to see how the camera is actually developed so I will start from beginning.

The first form dates back all the way to 1500, if you would believe. It was called pinhole camera. Chinese philosopher Mozi was observing light rays that were falling down the walls in dark room through small pinhole from the other side, [...]

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7. March, 2016

The Evolution Of MAC Security Threats

Computer operating systems always evolve, and OS X is no different when it comes to this. But Mac users are not really fully safe. Mac exploits and malwares are out there, not just some myth. Users of Mac have been targets of identity theft, various frauds and even espionage campaigns. As, you could see in infographic above. So Apple has been adding much of privacy enhancing and security features to OS X over the time and helping in protecting their customers fighting some of those threats. With each new version of updates, Apple has been improving Mac’s security. In 2005 April, Apple released OS X Tiger. In that, Apple has put a new feature called Download Validation [...]

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3. March, 2016

TV Display Evolution

You watch TV, right? And what type of display do you use? LED LCD? Maybe OLED? Or you decided to go with plasma? There are different types of displays and each one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. But how did TV display develop over time? And who actually came up with the idea of TV? You can find all of that, and something more, in this article.

Ever heard about John Logie Bard? Probably not, but he is a man who started with television. We can’t say that he invented television because that device was not known as television, it was actually a mechanism that generated an image when it was rotated. But it helped with development of real television and Logie [...]

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17. February, 2016

Evolution Of Cinema

The evolution of cinema started all the way back to 1800’s. It started from different art forms like photography and story telling, those were 2 of the biggest influences of Cinema. Sometimes the change was so quick that general public didn’t know how to react to or keep up with innovations. There were many jumping from animation drawn by hand to computer animations, or silent films going to talkative ones, 2D into 3D, there was always something new that was added so it gave new experience of watching movies. As our world technology was changing Cinema was using it to take advantages too. It all started with shows of puppets performing by shadow, the performance [...]

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