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14. September, 2017

5 Mind Blowing Bad Habits that Slowed My Success

Bad habits are very difficult to get rid of. However, with a lot of effort everyone can do it. I must say that, I still have some of these bad habits that are affecting big part of my work and personal life. However, I am working hard to block out all of the bad habits or at least some part of them.

Here in this article, I will share some steps, I took in order to peruse my success and happiness.

I want this article to be different and make it more personal. I am hoping for those of you who have the chance to read it and then change something in your life.  You might agree and disagree for some of the things I will share but, go ahead and share your [...]

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8. September, 2017

Excessive Ambition Can Actually Ruin Your Success

Excessive ambition can kill your entrepreneurial experience. Scientist believe that the excessive ambition can both cause waste and harm.

One big part of the entrepreneurial society is blessed or cursed with more than regular amount of ambition. This extra amount of ambition comes in different stages in life and can also be triggered from various events in life.

Whenever the abundance of ambition hits us, we might want to become more recognized, seeking more power, money or taking unpredictable risks.

Possessing ambitions is positive quality and this should not be mixed up with various different interpretations. Naturally an entrepreneur will set up goals and [...]

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7. September, 2017

Life Happiness Tips that the Scientist Recommend

Life happiness is the ultimate integrated thought in our minds. That thought is triggering element that enhances surviving as perusing life happiness. Many of us spend years of perusing happiness. I thought a nice career would bring me that happiness in my life.

Others thought that getting rich, nice retirement or the “perfect relationship” was the key to their life happiness quest. Eventually, during the process we all get “blindfolded” with what is happening around us. We all forget to enjoy all the moments around us.

What really makes us happy? To find out the answer to this simple question scientist from Stanford University have discovered some of the qualities that [...]

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5. September, 2017

3 Homemade Business Ideas from Your Own Couch

Homemade business is completely possible and completely realistic. If you are one of those doubting personalities this article perhaps might not be within your daily read.

In this article, I want to talk about the homemade business ideas and, how this can be scaled up and turned around into  full time income, while you are sitting on the couch with your favorite snack in hands and munching.

Before all, I want to highlight that extreme amount of dedication is required to start working from home. In order to achieve this 100 percent dedication, my secret formula to success is to believe and only believe in yourself. What if it does not work, might be your next [...]

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