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14. September, 2017

5 Mind Blowing Bad Habits that Slowed My Success

Bad habits are very difficult to get rid of. However, with a lot of effort everyone can do it. I must say that, I still have some of these bad habits that are affecting big part of my work and personal life. However, I am working hard to block out all of the bad habits or at least some part of them.

Here in this article, I will share some steps, I took in order to peruse my success and happiness.

I want this article to be different and make it more personal. I am hoping for those of you who have the chance to read it and then change something in your life.  You might agree and disagree for some of the things I will share but, go ahead and share your [...]

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5. September, 2017

3 Homemade Business Ideas from Your Own Couch

Homemade business is completely possible and completely realistic. If you are one of those doubting personalities this article perhaps might not be within your daily read.

In this article, I want to talk about the homemade business ideas and, how this can be scaled up and turned around into  full time income, while you are sitting on the couch with your favorite snack in hands and munching.

Before all, I want to highlight that extreme amount of dedication is required to start working from home. In order to achieve this 100 percent dedication, my secret formula to success is to believe and only believe in yourself. What if it does not work, might be your next [...]

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7. May, 2017

The 10 best countries to live in around the world doing laptop lifestyle 2017

This article will cover 10 best countries to live in around the world. For each one of these countries, we will pick a city based on few factors.

Internet Speed Safety Costs Lifestyle

We are going to talk about in more details about these few points and explore some of the advantages and disadvantages. Following the topic, these selections are based on the laptop life style in 2017.

10. The United States, Miami, FL


(Source: Pinterest)

$ 2,956.80 is the average salary after tax in the US, Miami. The internet speed in the US is mostly great 15 MBPS in Miami on Avg.


The internet speed in Miami is very good and comparing to the other [...]

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17. May, 2016

Where Top Entrepreneurs Started

Many people have dreams of starting something with the small amount of money and transforming that into million dollars juggernaut. Let’s be honest, every business small or big has to start from somewhere. If you are in need of an inspiration for this, well there are many successful entrepreneurs who made big household names for themselves starting from small amounts and humble beginnings. It’s really amazing how people are trying to search for some magic shortcut for success but the truth is that the solution is right in front of their face whole time. Yes, it’s true that it’s a lot of work, but look from the perspective that you get to do what you [...]

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