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24. August, 2017

6 Financial Advises that Could Have Made Me Financially Independent in My 20s

Financially independent is everything that everyone would have imagined in their 20s. Everything is possible as long as you can visualize the idea and if you knew, what to do in order to become financially independent person.

I dreamed to have my own money, since very young age. I wanted to buy many things and visit many places with my own money and the only regret is that there was none to guide me through my life and I found hope in story of successful people with the same dreams.

By the age of 20, I already had changed many jobs. However, there are other smarter ways to go around with this financial mess.

  1. Report Your Rent to Boost Your Credit [...]
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7. May, 2017

The 10 best countries to live in around the world doing laptop lifestyle 2017

This article will cover 10 best countries to live in around the world. For each one of these countries, we will pick a city based on few factors.

Internet Speed Safety Costs Lifestyle

We are going to talk about in more details about these few points and explore some of the advantages and disadvantages. Following the topic, these selections are based on the laptop life style in 2017.

10. The United States, Miami, FL


(Source: Pinterest)

$ 2,956.80 is the average salary after tax in the US, Miami. The internet speed in the US is mostly great 15 MBPS in Miami on Avg.


The internet speed in Miami is very good and comparing to the other [...]

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15. June, 2014

13 Ways To Become Extraordinary Entrepreneur – Infographic

Extraordinary entrepreneur is defined as someone who knows how to create and contain harmonious relations between all parts of the operational process, whether in organization or in a different context, with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum integral result of productivity and creativity. Entrepreneur is a man who has a lot of ideas, but do not know how to make them financially successful. Twitter was founded in 2006 and is still looking for its business model. Same we could say about Facebook. Entrepreneur unlike a businessman can not concentrate long on one idea, and his way of life is dotted with a variety of activities. So, if entrepreneur doesn’t know where the money [...]

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