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6. November, 2017

2 Tactics to Negotiate Price Over Emails for your Business

Many businesses use emails to negotiate price for their products or services. The negotiation process is not limited to emails only. I have traveled to many countries and I have worked with many people. My personal observation is that face to face business meetings to negotiate price is important. However, people are too busy and caught up in their daily routines.

The problem is that those business meetings for negotiation take too much time, especially if you have to travel across the pond. Only the most important deals, get the chance to experience face to face negotiation.

Emails are the perfect formal tool to negotiate price and conduct business. However, in some [...]

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4. March, 2016

Top 10 Best Newsletter Templates For Spring 2016

Email marketing is still an important sales channel for building loyalty and receiving bids. The time of classic sending of advertising messages has passed. It is necessary to concentrate on delivering relevant offers, to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

What is email marketing and newsletter

E-mail marketing is sending of unique commercial content (newsletter) via email to users who are approved to receive it. This is a business strategy to retain and increase the customer base through execution and delivery of essential content of using email. Email marketing is one of the most important parts of Internet marketing. Its main advantage is that it enables direct [...]

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15. October, 2014

2014 Flat Email Templates

Which are the key processes in e-mail marketing campaign? Well, of course, that email arrives in the inbox, that email is designed in accordance with the visual identity of the company and that the campaign has a more open-mails and achieved the desired benefits.

To stop at designing email messages. We assume that you are getting unwanted e-mails, where your email address is among 100 others in the carbon copy section, while the design of the message is the same, and the text comes down to it – “we sell this and that, on this, and that price, please contact us if you are interested. ”

Additionally, because everything is done manually and amateur, there [...]

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