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13. January, 2018

EMailing like a pro: 14 tips how to build efficient emails for all occasions

Writing effective emails can be a challenge. You’ve written an important message that you know your audience could use. Here’s a handy infographic that helps you use email more effectively:

We’ve got about 14 helpful tips for writing an effective email that can be used for all occasions.

Set the particular goal for each email

Any email should have one exact goal. The email may offer to buy the product, encourage subscribers to follow your social media, provide recipients with some information etc.

Don’t set more than one goal for every email you send. People should understand clearly what you want them to do with the [...]

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6. September, 2017

Email Etiquette, how to do it Correct as a Professional

Email etiquette is crucial in every related aspect in life. Emails became common way of communication in the early 90s. Since every business and organisation uses emails to communicate, it is vital to know, how to reply or compose an email.


Perhaps if you are working for large organisation, you might find yourself answering or reading emails at least 30% of the working time. While we try to work faster keeping ahead of our schedule, we do very common mistakes that might be costly in particular situation. Here are some do’s and do not’s of emails etiquette. It is very important to strictly follow them.

Clear Subject Line

It might sound simple but it [...]

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21. January, 2015

Creative e-mail marketing newsletter templates for 2015

E-mail as a means of direct marketing offers many advantages, such as:

Enables quick response to customer requirements. E-mail reduces the response time to customer requirements, from 6 to 8 weeks in the case of postal mail, at 48 hours in most cases. Users have the ability to immediately respond by returning e-mail or by clicking on the link to the Web site of the company, in order to obtain more information. This also fulfills the interaction between the company and its customers. E-mail marketing saves time. Thanks to the use of e-mail marketing companies have significantly reduced the cost of time in relation to marketing that uses traditional mail. E-mail marketing [...]
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27. October, 2014

Amazing newsletter templates for email marketing

E-mail marketing is sending unique commercial content via e-mail to users who are approved to receive these amenities. It is a business strategy to retain and increase the customer base through the execution and delivery of essential facilities of using e-mail. E-mail marketing is one of the most important parts of Internet marketing. Its main advantage is that it enables direct communication with the user of the product or service.

E-mail provides information about a new product or service, teaching how to proper use the product or service, publishing news related to the company services and products, and so on. In order to achieve a positive effect of e-mail marketing, [...]

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