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6. September, 2017

Email Etiquette, how to do it Correct as a Professional

Email etiquette is crucial in every related aspect in life. Emails became common way of communication in the early 90s. Since every business and organisation uses emails to communicate, it is vital to know, how to reply or compose an email.


Perhaps if you are working for large organisation, you might find yourself answering or reading emails at least 30% of the working time. While we try to work faster keeping ahead of our schedule, we do very common mistakes that might be costly in particular situation. Here are some do’s and do not’s of emails etiquette. It is very important to strictly follow them.

Clear Subject Line

It might sound simple but it [...]

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26. June, 2017

Better salary negotiation via email: How to do it right? Pros and Cons

For reasons unknown, asking for a larger salary is always a problem for most people. Many of us have a certain barriers when it comes to asking for more money. Some people do not feel comfortable asking for a raise or a better salary in person. However, what happens when you are negotiating a new job and you are discussing your salary via email? When is the right time? What do you have to offer in return? Is it even polite to ask for more money? This article will show you when, how and why you ask for a larger amount of money for the job you are going to do.

Is it ok to ask for more money in the first place?

If you ever wondered if it would be rude to ask for a better [...]

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11. May, 2016

Avoid These Words When Writing Email

It is very frustrating when you have to spend hours and hours to rewrite your content to create that perfect email and after, not getting the expected response. You thought receiver of the mail would be thrilled but actually he or she is very annoyed. So what had actually happened? Was it your mistake that maybe request was not clear enough, or email sent at the wrong time? For your surprise, the real problem is much more simple. It lies in only couple of words. Words that are probably already in your emails sent today or yesterday. There are words that give wrong impressions and you probably wonder which words are that. If you avoid them you can reach the top.

First [...]

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11. April, 2016

OPT-IN Emails: Convert Your Visitors To Subscribers Like A PRO

What are opt-in emails?

This is a term that is referring to emails of promotional nature that were requested by individual who wants to receive them. These kind of emails are different from usual spam received in inbox. Spam messages are sent to everyone whether they want or don’t want to receive information, but opt-in emails are sent only to the ones who specifically requested to receive them. Opt-in emails are many times personalized and targeted, having specific information about promotions or topics that user wants to learn about. Typical version of opt-ins contain information about various products, special promotional offers or newsletters. For instance, someone [...]

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