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30. July, 2015

Top 10 Infographic Elements Bundles for Download

What is actually infographic? We can describe that as the visual information presentation or a graphical way to present some information. To make a good infographic you must choose text, colors and elements of your graphic and combine them into content that will present some useful information. More and more websites are using infographic as a way to present some story or information. Why? Because it looks better and visitors like it more than a plain text. But if you don’t make it right you will regret not choosing a simple text content. Infographic can be hard to make and takes a lot of practice to learn how to combine all elements into one graphical content. But what exactly are [...]

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29. July, 2015

The Elements of a High Quality Website

Everyone would like to have their own website and it can be really simple to make one, but you have to make it good. If you are planning to earn something from your website then it must have good design and it should be optimized. In other words, your website should have high quality. What are the most important parts for achieving high quality? And why you can’t earn with less quality website? Keep reading to find out.

Why is quality website important?

Everyone uses internet today and whatever someone needs it can be found online. And when someone tries to find something on search engine that is related to your business try to make sure that your website will show up [...]

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9. March, 2015

Social Media Infographic Elements for Download

Business Insider has undertaken the difficult task of assessment popularity of social networks, and for the beginning they served us what we already know and otherwise, that young people are the most common and the most active users of social networks.

Facebook remains unchallenged standing at the top with over a billion users, and 86 percent located outside the United States. The new trend of strong growth is in users between 45-54 years, huge 45 percent in one year.

Twitter is definitely a network for young people because it’s used by almost exclusively young people aged 18-29 years and those 30-50 years have only 16 percent among users.

Tumblr seemingly [...]

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23. January, 2015

Professional Corporate Web Elements for Social Networks

Social networks in the past few years in major markets have become an indispensable part of every marketing campaign and, with SEO optimization and PPC marketing, play a key role in promoting new brands and products, market research and potential customers and creating new business connections.

With a growing number of users of networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, lack of promotion services and brands on social sites can provide an advantage to entrepreneurs who know how to recognize the potential of such sites and the role that they can play in expanding the network of customers and clients.

With the rise of mobile browsing, the importance of social networks [...]

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