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19. March, 2016

Click To Call Commerce

While people are using their smartphones for many different things, they are still being used for doing business when there is ad that attracts them. When people are searching through desktop they are not not really in purchase mode but after moving to mobile, they are. Consumers of smartphones are using them increasingly to connect with businesses directly. Researches have shown that click to call commerce contributed profit of one trillion in purchases made by consumers last year. Whats even more, studies have shown that people who are clicking to call straight from mobile phones ads are about 4 times more likely to make purchase of a service or product. Number of people [...]

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14. January, 2016

Does Ecommerce Need Live Chat?

There are a number of reasons why you should chat with your customers through live chat. We are going to emphasize four of them and for the rest, take a look at infographic below.

With Live Chat you are immediately at your service

When someone can’t find something in “ordinary” shop with the four walls, floor and ceiling, first thing they do is look for employee for help. – Excuse me, do have more of these biscuits, but with the vanilla filling? – A question that someone will ask the first salesperson that they see in local supermarket when the shelf of their favorite cookie jar is empty. Then they expect the immediately response whether cookies [...]

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25. November, 2015

17 Ecommerce Conversion Boosters

To have a profitable online business and increase ecommerce conversion, you need to help the visitors to get to know you, love you and trust you. And to do this in the competitive online market, you first have to work on building a serious and safe reputation.

All online merchants want to increase traffic, develop business and increase profits, but few know the secret recipe to achieve it. For many traders traffic is the only parameter that follow, but to become successful it should be monitored more variables.

Conversion is the magic word, incredibly important to all who have the ecoomerce site. Business owners today should not be interested in and does not need to [...]

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12. October, 2015

6 Surprising Ways to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale

Digitization has reached such a pitch that the web shops now become a “must have” phenomenon. Talk about the introduction of a web shop in business, it is impossible to begin with it without attracting new customers. While the classic forms of sale are well-established practices and techniques which draw attention upon themselves, in the case of ecommerce sale you should consider some very different things. On the Internet, things work in a completely different way. More and more companies want to place their products and services on the Internet. This is not surprising because, buying over the Internet is every day more and more popular.

You have invested in your [...]

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