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8. June, 2016

Benefits Of Online Video Tutoring

Videos are already very important part of today’s education system. Video tutoring¬†can help students with preparations for test and questions from homework. Some of students are even creating their tutorial videos for others. There are many students who could be falling behind their courses in school so in order to catch up they start to look up for tutorials on videos online. What really makes tutorial in video form powerful is capturing the voice essence of that student who is talking to other students. Video tutoring is a great way to learn if you are unable to do it in a more traditional settings. Students can even have live interaction studying over apps like [...]

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2. May, 2016

Top e-Learning Trends in 2016

If there is one thing that is for sure, it’s the rise of e-learning. Today we see how every month there are some new online options for learning while traditional classroom environments are slowly incorporating new technologies in their system. Even though there is no guarantee for what future is holding, we can take a closer look and see what new things are around the corner when it comes to the industry of e-learning.

First big trend is automation. Many educational experts are predicting that this year automation will be one of key aspects of both processing and creation. This means that providers of content will be using number of solutions in automated way [...]

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7. April, 2016

How Can E-learning Benefit your Organization

Why businesses use e-learning?

There are five key motives why companies increasingly use online learning for the training needs of their employees:

Employees’ time –¬†organizations want their managers and staff have the option of choosing time to study. They also want to extend the achievements of classroom training after the classroom sessions; Speed of implementation – companies want to quickly distribute the learning process throughout the organization, particularly in times of major changes in organization or technology; Distribution – the possibility of distribution of unified content, implemented on the same level, at the same time across the [...]
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23. February, 2016

20 Facts About E-learning

In most basic form, e-learning is accessing knowledge using computer technology or other electronic devices, so the person can learn outside the typical school classroom. Well, I could say that most people that used or still using computer, had some type of e-learning. In beginnings, this type of learning was not well received as people believed if children had computers inside classroom it will somehow remove that necessary human interaction. But as technology advanced through time, more schools are now accepting technological devices in classrooms for learning. There are few popular methods for e-learning. You can either learn through listening to audio recordings, [...]

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