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2. June, 2016

The Psychology of Sales Marketing and the Human Mind

Have you ever wondered what kind of emotions are playing a part in one’s decisions of purchasing something? It is true that emotions can influence and affect our decisions for buying a product. Special offer, or good brand name can make deal much more sweeter. Out of 10 decisions, 8 of them or if you wish 80%, are practically based on our state of emotion, and not on logic or information. When it comes to the strategy of your inbound marketing there comes a time when you need to think outside the box, and go inside human mind. People like to rather think we are logical beings that are making logical decisions but that is actually not true, especially when consumers have [...]

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20. May, 2016

High Risk Payment Processing – What’s A Merchant To Do?

Most providers of merchant accounts thinks that it’s very hard to work within high risk industry. Most of the time They will immediately decline account of merchant because there is a high risk factor. Every e-commerce merchants are in need of merchant account for processing credit card transactions online, but in reality not all of merchants have a fair chance. If you are considered high risk merchant it can be very hard task to find payment processing option. Just imagine that you are dependable and respectable merchant and processing companies tell you that your business field is to risky, it can be quite frustrating. Even though you can have books to prove them that [...]

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11. April, 2016

Statistics About E-commerce Consumer Psychology

From personal experience, we are aware that one of the biggest and crucial things for the success of webpage is its speed, especially if it’s e-commerce oriented. But, aside from this there are many other aspects that play big part in the behavior of your website customers. If you go deep enough, you will understand that most of the behavior of customers goes down to the human psychology. So when you start to understand better how people are interacting or navigating online, you can more easily develop and design website by that principles. It is important to figure out by yourself what are the product that customers want to buy.

Videos in e-commerce

There are [...]

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4. April, 2016

Top E-Commerce Trends To Watch In 2016

E-commerce is a subject of interest to all of us. We all live in the digital age and have utilized the benefits of the growing technologies which have contributed to our lives in a positive way. Using e-shopping websites to buy stuff has made our lives a breeze because now we can buy anything we would like to without having to even get out of bed! Paying bills through internet, using websites to sell our old stuff, and so much more has now become the norm, all thanks to the developments in e-commerce. Here are certain trends to look out for this year.

Smartphone revenues are going to overtake desktop revenuesBy the end of the year 2014, the mobile share of global [...]
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