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1. February, 2016

Valentine’s Day Graphics for Download

February, the month in sign of love. Valentine’s Day is coming, as usual it comes to choose a gift for your other half, many of us are faced with a lack of ideas, sometimes nothing is enough worthy for our love. We are here to help you show your love on cute and original way. 🙂

Like the previous year, we have found for you several posters for social media timelines dedicated to the Valentine’s Day, also we have selected excellent, icons, infografics, cards and various other graphics for personal use or for your business.

Below are creative Valentine’s day graphics for 2016:

Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Theme

Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover -3 [...]

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7. October, 2015

TOP 5 Best Powerpoint Infographics For Download

Powepoint presentation which is bombed with boring texts, inventive instructions, too lengthy research, analyzes too long… will look much better and clearer, and certainly more interesting if you use infographics. Powerpoint infographics through interesting design illustrates the words, numbers and any other information relevant to a topic.

People love to look at the photos and images because they are visual creatures, probably you already know that. Bloggers with HubSpot came across the fact that 40 percent of people more respond to visual content that is offered to them than the text. So, take a advantage of this fact. By using infographics in your Powerpoint [...]

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3. August, 2015

Awesome Instapage templates for download

Instapage is a great tool that allows everyone to create their own landing pages and save the money they would spend on hiring a professional designer to design them a landing page. Everyone can create their landing pages with Instapage, even if they don’t know a lot about design. But, if you want something special and your own then you can design something yourself because app supports custom JavaScript, HTML and CSS widgets.

What is landing page?

Like I already said, Instapage is a tool for creating landing page. But what is landing page? That is a page where visitors go after they click on some advertisement. If you create a good landing page then there is a chance [...]

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30. July, 2015

Top 10 Infographic Elements Bundles for Download

What is actually infographic? We can describe that as the visual information presentation or a graphical way to present some information. To make a good infographic you must choose text, colors and elements of your graphic and combine them into content that will present some useful information. More and more websites are using infographic as a way to present some story or information. Why? Because it looks better and visitors like it more than a plain text. But if you don’t make it right you will regret not choosing a simple text content. Infographic can be hard to make and takes a lot of practice to learn how to combine all elements into one graphical content. But what exactly are [...]

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