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28. June, 2017

Angular 2 Components The 27 Most Useful Examples Available

It is for some time now that mobile devices are taking over the market in front of PCs and other devices. The time when mobile web design depended on desktop solutions is all but over. With market turning towards mobile apps it is evident that web design is turning in the same direction. Google did not wait long to develop a JavaScript framework that would fit mobile web developers like a glove. Now, there is almost no web developer that does not enjoy using Angular 2 framework. This is the reason why we decided to present you with 27 Angular 2 components that will make your job as a web developer much easier.

Angular 2 Components List Material Design

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28. October, 2014

10 newest HTML5 website templates for download

Did you know that visually unattractive web pages may drive away potential buyer in seconds? If your target group is present on the Internet (and probably is), you should be aware of that fact. More and more potential customers first search products on Google, and then go in the company’s store. The competition can defeat you then based on the look and impression¬†of their web pages – even if you are a higher quality or more favorable…

What secrets are hidden behind the most successful websites on the Internet? Why do some sites succeed while most do not? Nowadays many business owners ask this question, and the answers are more than obvious. Why is good web [...]

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