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25. August, 2017

Improve Yourself and Stop Saying “NO” Instead Start Asking “How?”

Improve yourself by simply changing the current state of your mind and start questioning things more. It is very simple concept yet still very difficult to be achieved by many people. This article might show you some proven ways of changing your mind-set for better productivity and ways to improve yourself instantly.

Can you count how many times a day do you say “No” to your colleagues, business partners or the worst to yourself?

Research from Duke University has concluded that nearly 40% of the things you do and say day to day is only bad habit. Some people, believe that their actions are down to bad decision, however, this is not true.

This does not mean that [...]

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15. August, 2017

9 Bad Habits You Have to Exclude from Your Daily Routine Starting Now

The bad habits are chasing each one of us daily. Productivity and self-control in your daily agenda means everything from getting up early to preparing for work or just studying for exam. Bad habits are not influenced by your social status or the years of experience they can appear at any time.

We continue to sabotaging our own daily agenda with very little simple things that we cannot even notice. This article will help you to clearly identify some of the bad habits we all experience regardless and hopefully replace them with productivity.


We all know the path to success is long. However, it becomes even longer when the bad habits are creeping upon us [...]

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14. August, 2017

How to Handle Difficult People and Their Personalities as a Smart Ass

Difficult people are everywhere. Difficult people evade logic and most of these people are blindly unaware with the impact they have among the people surrounding them.

It is obvious for most of us that some difficult personalities seem to drive their satisfaction daily, by simply creating a chaos around them and also pushing other people’s buttons.

Either way, the difficult people create unnecessary row of events creating a lot of stress for other people. In this article, I hope to show you how to handle the difficult personalities in your life now and in feature by sharing my own personal story.

Many studies have shown that stress can have a negative [...]

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