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18. December, 2015

Designing Tools For Graphic Designers

Same as in any other line of work, a career in the graphic design industry presupposes certain skills and abilities. There must be some existent talent in the visual arts. Other important requirements are creativity and mastering new designing tools. No doubt about it, graphic design is an exciting profession, constantly having to evolve and stay up to date with new technologies and creative trends.

It is not easy to be a designer. Not only they have to understand the design, fonts, information structure, the psychology of many other disciplines, but they must take care of a lot of details, which makes their work time too demanding, requires dozens of tools, a certain level of [...]

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31. July, 2015

Designing the Perfect Checkout Page

The online e-commerce business grows and expands every year. It is imperative that the e-commerce tycoons take it to the next level to bring in customers. A crucial component of an e-commerce website is the checkout page. The checkout page can make the user experience exceptional and almost always makes the user come back for more.

Designing the Perfect Checkout Page

During the process of designing a checkout page, there are many considerations, such as functionality, usability, security and design. However, design, out of all the other aspects, can play the role of a trump card in your website. Here is how your design team can enhance your site’s checkout page to make it a [...]

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23. July, 2015

Tips for designing e-commerce website

How to explain e-commerce? Well, you can define e-commerce business as a business where you can buy or sell some of the products online. Also, e-commerce doesn’t have to defined as a business selling and buying of only physical products because you can also sell or buy some services.

How does that work? First, a buyer searches for the product he wants on the e-commerce website. After that, he pays for that product with his credit card or some other possible way of payment. And after the owner receives the payment he ships the product to the buyer.

But how do you benefit from it? Well, you can benefit from two sides. First of all, if you are a buyer then you have the [...]

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9. June, 2015

The Process of Designing an Infographic

Infographics are our favourite topic, they can be really amazing when you have a well-developed concept. We already wrote about process of designing an infographic, and you can read about it here. In this article we will only take one’s cue from already mentioned and expand knowledge on infographics.

Information graphics or infographics are a visual presentation of information, data or knowledge. You can use these graphics to all those annoying, less interesting information and numbers transfer to the reader / viewer in a visual more interesting way.

People like creative and precise infographics, they are getting a lot of attention now, as in the times when people [...]

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