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22. June, 2016

The Complete Guide to Logo Design for Startups

Greatly designed logo will make first impression of your company and personality of brand. This is why almost every serious business or company are very wise when using logos on their social media and other marketing fronts in campaigns of advertising. If you are the owner of small business it’s especially important to make people remember your company logo. Logo that is memorable can make your potential customers fall in love with your brand as well as build a very strong connection to it.  That is why if you look at all the big brands, you can see they are highlighting their logotype. When people are seeing ads, their primary focus is on it. If you plan to build up [...]

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8. June, 2016

Creating the Perfect “Contact Us” Page

Your contact page on website could simply break or make those conversions from visitors. For big number of companies contact page is just something that is perceived as ” elephant in the room ”. But, when you see from various analytics that this part of website is one of most visited, you’ll change your mind. It could happen that someone had a nice experience on your website until he get to the contact page, and then it all goes down the rabbit hole since that page failed to attract that click, which means your future customer is quite possibly gone forever.  At its core, the goal of contact page is to attract customer to your business while at the same time [...]

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26. May, 2016

Presentation Design Hacks

There are lots of ways to improve presentation. People are using presentations for work, school and almost anything else. Yet, so many of them don’t know how to make it looking good. So, if you ever wonder how can you improve skills and create beautiful PowerPoint presentations here are some of the tips you could use. It’s no surprise that great looking images and presentations are going hand to hand. Not so long ago, it was more harder to find images with high resolution, but today it’s so much easier with many webpages that are popping all time. If you really wish to save yourself all that precious time searching for images don’t look no further than [...]

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13. May, 2016

How To Select Web Banner Design Company

Choosing what company is best for banner design can be hard and tricky, but also very important. It’s important to choose one that will give you a good deal and not just satisfy your needs. When you find out what you require from company it’s going to be lot easier to narrow down your decision. Try to see what previous works that company had done. Price is one of crucial factors in everything. It’s very important to find companies that will perform work within your budget. There are many benefits of including professional web banner such as increase of webpage traffic, better conversion and more leads.

If you want to make your business boom you need [...]

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