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10. November, 2014

Most popular infographic resume template in 2014.

Why infographic resume template ?

This is a resume that demonstrates creativity, experience, achievements and personality at once. Generally this kind of resume fare best in artistic / creative / IT occupations. Of course, keep in mind that the performance should not overshadow the information – it’s nice that you are creative, but you have to provide the content too.

Most popular infographic resume template in 2014.

Since is coming the end of 2014, we can safely declare that Clean Infographic Resume template by designer paolo6180 is the most popular infographic resume template in 2014, with more than 900 sales on graphicriver.net. What makes this resume special is [...]

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24. October, 2014

Best data visualization infographic templates for download

We are bombarded with boring texts unimaginative instructions, lengthy researches,  too long analyzes. In business for such problems most helpful is – Infographic.

What is the Infographic?

Infographic is a communication tool most often in the form of images, which are created primarily for the web environment and the interesting design that illustrates the words, numbers, and all other relevant information on a topic. It exists almost since man; people were comunicating through the pictures long ago in the caves, there are cuneiform and hieroglyphics, then murals throughout the Middle Ages, and so on…

If a picture speaks a thousand words, Infographic speaks [...]

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