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11. June, 2017

5 Actions To Improve Your Daily Computer Activity

Nowadays the computer activity involves privacy and computer security issues and it is very important. However, not many companies or individuals are taking this matter seriously.The latest neglecting evidence is the hack that tripled the IT systems across the UK.

In reality the individuals and organisations who still dare to run outdated Windows version is at their own risk. Microsoft stopped their extended support on April 8th 2014. Windows 7 took over the market share along with the new Windows 10 the only version suitable for mobile devices.

Follow these 5 simple golden nuggets of security advises to minimize the risk of being hacked or expose vulnerable [...]

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27. April, 2016

Are You A Cyberstalker?

In our society, Facebook is playing a big role. People share information about their daily lives and activities, sometimes they share something that is not appropriate, and everyone has access to it. Almost 90% of users are checking profiles of their ex boyfriends or girlfriends and even 70% are checking them through the account of mutual friend. But, lets first define who cyberstalker is. I’m not thinking about “Facebooking” or “Googling” someone that you’re gonna date next day or looking at the pics of your fiends. I’m talking about constant checking of someones profile each day, even looking at the old picture and following what is [...]

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26. April, 2016

Top Cybersecurity Threats for 2016 And How To Avoid Them

Hackers are always persistent. Where others would probably quit, they use ways to pass through barriers. Sometimes it can take them weeks or even months trying the new methods. This year, hackers will start to launch more sophisticated methods and attacks on everything from medical devices to critical infrastructures. 2016 will bring something more, no doubt about it. So, it is time to improve the methods of cybersecurity as well.

Every minute there are more than million attempts or attacks happening online. Study has shown that there will be around 7 billion devices connected and in use this year. This is a big 30% increase over the last year. When we get to year [...]

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