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19. March, 2016

Click To Call Commerce

While people are using their smartphones for many different things, they are still being used for doing business when there is ad that attracts them. When people are searching through desktop they are not not really in purchase mode but after moving to mobile, they are. Consumers of smartphones are using them increasingly to connect with businesses directly. Researches have shown that click to call commerce contributed profit of one trillion in purchases made by consumers last year. Whats even more, studies have shown that people who are clicking to call straight from mobile phones ads are about 4 times more likely to make purchase of a service or product. Number of people [...]

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19. February, 2016

Top 6 Tips To Win The Customer At First Click

An important and challenging task in the development of the company is to achieve excellence in the care of customers. For your customers, you should respond in the shortest possible time and pledge to pay special attention to the proposals and possible criticism.

We decided to bring a touch of love and show you how to win the customer on the first click. The most important is of course the first impression, so your web pages should be arranged perfectly. But do not destroy that perfect first impression as soon as you speak up or be too silent.

Impress customers with good deals, provide them with quality customer support as well as interesting and useful content. Be [...]

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