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25. May, 2016

How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

Creativity is often times admired, talked about or even mocked. If you ask many creative individuals how can they tap inside their most innovative and creative selves you will hear different answer every time. This is because every creativity starts with process. If you are creative director or entrepreneur it’s your job to nurture the creativity of your whole team each day, if you plan to have any kind of success at all. There is a process that can unlock that creative genius that’s deep inside you. But how the brain actually processes creativity? Some people are more right “brainers” and some left. It is usually said that creativity in its complete [...]

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14. March, 2016

Habits That Will Help You Maintain Your Creativity

If I could sum up creativity in few words, it would be that it’s about individuals ability to see patterns and associations where others can’t. When you come up with something others didn’t thought of, you’re being innovative. Being creative is something as a way of life. Someone who has a negative mind for 24 hours a day can’t expect to explode with ideas and solutions. The way we live today and our pressuring environment is sometimes making all of us run out of creativity. But for once in a while, it’s good to have be optimistic, because having positive outlook can be the key to bring you back in action. I would like to put a quote [...]

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3. November, 2015

Infographic – A Creative Way to New Clients

One of the most interesting and most effective ways to enrich the content on your blog, expand awareness of your brand and stimulate your audience is to create an infographic. If you are unfamiliar with the term, infographic is a graphical, visual display of more data, information and knowledge, which allows users to easily and quickly learn about a topic, in one interesting and attractive way.

Infographic should impress by the compound of useful information, valuable content and creative design (color, statistics, line graphs, forms). Infographic can be a great substitute for a PowerPoint presentation, you can also use it to display the achievements and accomplishments of the [...]

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8. July, 2015

Tilt – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme of the Month

Live Preview     |     Download here


Tilt is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme suitable for corporate and personal business homepages, creative portfolio showoffs, blogs, e-commerce and product & service presentations. It’s amazing, stunning design, unique layout and we love it! Why we choose this particular theme? Here is why:

Solid and powerful Tilt is a moder multipurpose WordPress theme designed to provide all the tools requires to create a stunning professional website. Through approcah to design and code combined with rich customization options make Tilt a great choice for any website – from [...]

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