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20. November, 2015

Creating a Successful Content

How hard can it be to write a perfect article? To create a perfect website? To make your content stand out in the large mass of all other? The basic principle for creating successful content is pretty much very simple. But hard to do. To understand the science of successful content keep reading.

Difference between success and failure

How to create a successful content? It is not enough just to create something. Before you even start with that you must research everything about your idea and set your goals. After that it is very important to create something unique and entertaining. Is that enough? Not just yet. All that content must be perfectly [...]

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3. November, 2015

Creating a Perfect Mobile Website

Do you know how many people use their mobile phones to access internet and websites? You probably don’t and we don’t know the exact number too but I can say that that number is high enough for you to consider making a mobile website. It is not enough just to create mobile website, you have to make it look good and optimize it well. How? Keep reading to find out.

Few years ago people were maybe laughing to people who designed mobile websites. And today? We could say that having a website that can’t be perfectly used with mobile phones is a killer for your business. Still think that you don’t need mobile website? Well, think again. Smartphones are becoming cheaper and [...]

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15. October, 2015

26 Things to Note Before Creating a Website

Creating a Website without a plan is like building a house without the project. Regardless of whether you create a page by yourself or you will hire the professional web designers, by advanced planning of website, you can avoid the omission of some important elements or functionality of page, and thus additional costs or other inconveniences.

Planning website in sufficient time is as important as planning everything else in the business world, but many neglect it. Carefully planning of website is a great investment and will improve your chances of making a website that will serve you well for a long time.

Planning is the first and most important phase. Planning the [...]

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8. October, 2015

Creating A Perfect Blog Post – Images

Few days ago I wrote an article where I gave you some ideas about blog posts and some tips for writing a good blog post. You can check the article here – 11 essential tricks for great blog post. But what I forgot (or actually didn’t want to) mention in that article are blog post elements. Do you know how to use them right? It’s time to learn. In this article I will explain every element to you and then help you to get the most out of one of them.

Elements of good article

These elements are part of the rules you should follow. There are 10 main elements that are important part of every article:


Tittle is the important part of the article because it [...]

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