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11. February, 2016

How To Create a Persuasive Logo

When it comes to your business or website, logo is a very important item in branding and therefore it should be given special attention to it. Logo is what will people recognize and remember. Whether you personally design your own logo or you give the job to someone who would be able to make it professional – we will write some important rules of designing the persuasive logo.

It should not be too colorful Therefore, in the design of any professional logo should not be used more than 3 colors. Check to see if your existing logo corresponds to this rule.

It should be quite minimalist ie. simple In translation that means avoiding of all unnecessary things. [...]

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16. November, 2015

How To Create an Effective Marketing Email

We believe that at the present time most of you have received a number of e-mail newsletters. But how many of you send it, creates and thus serve information to the users / customers / business partners?

Email newsletter is a great tool of direct communication that can play a significant role in your business. In this article we will explain the basic meaning of e-mail marketing, why you should send the newsletters and what are its advantages. And also below that you can check the infographic that will teach you how to create an effective marketing email.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the channels of direct marketing that allows direct communication [...]

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11. November, 2015

How To Create the Perfect Instagram Video

It’s easy to make a Instagram video. But, make it memorable not so much. Here are some tips and tricks to produce a video that will impress others

What you need to know about the video for Instagram?

If you’ve never met with making Instagram video, it is important to know how you can record video which is long from 3 to 15 seconds, in one piece or several shorter separate recordings in the series. It is similar to Vine, but it offers a variety of filters and the ability to delete and add scenes. There is no automatic looping (repeating video).

Video capture is easy – instead of blue (with which you take a picture), tap the button for the video [...]

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14. October, 2015

How to Create Memorable, Shareable Emails

Numerous studies show that email marketing if it’s used properly is one of the most effective tools with an excellent return on investment. How to create memorable, shareable emails? How your newsletter can be more interesting? For tips on how to create more memorable emails, check out the infographic below.

What are the advantages of e-mail marketing?

In the email marketing message arrives in the inbox of the target audience, which enables businesses to communicate directly and build or maintain relationships with current and potential customers. It is measurable, you can track who opened the newsletter, when he opened, where were he clicked … The process of [...]

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