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12. September, 2013

How to create motion – video infographic from scratch?

How to start?

A week ago we have posted infographic demo video “Why your business should use infographics?”.In this article we will give full tutorial on how to download required software for free, where to find templates, how to customize, edit and create your own video infographic.

What software should be used for creating infographics?

Adobe After Effect

One of the most popular questions i have come across writing this blog: what software is the best for creating video infographics? I am sure everyone has his own opinion, but i would recommend and I totally agree with most graphic designers – [...]

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19. August, 2013

6 Infographics Blogs about data visualization and infographic design

If you are looking inspiration for your next infographic or you like reading blogs about data visualization here is a list which might help you to find some new and helpful information :


iGraphics explained

  Infographics and design blog about data visualization, video infographics, graphical charts and presentations


Flowing Data

Interesting and great blog to read about data visualization and infographics. Watch tutorials or sign up as a member.



Probably one of the most informative and up to date infographics blog. Variety of data visualization tips, daily infographics, charts, interesting [...]

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