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14. January, 2016

The Best Facebook Cover Templates for January 2016

Are you using Facebook page to promote your business ideas, products and services? If not, get started right away!

Facebook page is a business Facebook account created by companies, public figures and various large and small organizations. Facebook page is managed by administrators using their private profile. Facebook page is used for promotion of business ideas, and Facebook users connect with it in a way that they “like page”. There is no limit how much Facebook pages you can create and manage, and a website name should be associated with the organization (brand) that page is.

We believe that you have at least once been in a situation where certain [...]

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28. May, 2015

Why is the design of the Facebook cover photo so important?

When Facebook introduced the timeline, one of drastic redesign was the cover photo of the user profile, which was later became a standard for the business pages. In short, the cover photo represents a broad visual header of profile or page, which users can select as desired and thus present themselves on Facebook in a visually interesting and appealing way. Some will say: “So what? It’s just image. “However, when you choosing the cover photo you should approach to it prudently, especially in the case of corporate site.

Until recently, Facebook pages applied stricter rules regarding to cover photo, so that it should not have to mention information such as the [...]

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