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27. November, 2015

19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook

You think you know all about Facebook? Well, there is always something new with wich this social media giant may surprise you! See below:

1. Teach your friends on Facebook how to pronounce your name

On your profile in the “About” section select “Detail About You” and under “Name pronunciation” click on “How do you say your name?”

2. Disable “Seen” in facebook messenger

Sometimes “seen” in messages can bring us in an unpleasant situation, but also gives us the obligation to respond to the message, although perhaps we are not in the mood for it.

To avoid download the [...]

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15. July, 2015

Best Explainer Videos Startups Could Learn From

As we have introduced you with Explainer Videos few days ago, today we decided to bring you best explainer videos we have seen. We took the liberty of sourcing some pretty good ones for you to draw inspiration and learn from. Here are the top videos that made the list.

Best Explainer Videos Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is another powerful leader in inbound marketing. Their explainer video doesn’t have the catchy animations, but it does a great job of explaining who they are, and their position in the content marketing industry. This video is a perfect example of how to produce a non-animated startup video.



The ZenCash [...]

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