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26. December, 2015

A guide to corporate holiday cards

If you work at some company then there is a large chance that you get your holiday card every year. Why do companies send that cards to their employees? What it brings them? And what to do when sending one yourself? In this article you will find out everything.

Lots of people are wondering about corporate holiday cards and don’t know if that is a good idea. The answer is simple, it is a great idea. You can’t go wrong with these ones. Even if you don’t create a good holiday card it should still turn out good because employees, partners and customers will know that you care.

What you get with corporate holiday cards?

Like I said above, it is really hard to go [...]

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23. January, 2015

Professional Corporate Web Elements for Social Networks

Social networks in the past few years in major markets have become an indispensable part of every marketing campaign and, with SEO optimization and PPC marketing, play a key role in promoting new brands and products, market research and potential customers and creating new business connections.

With a growing number of users of networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, lack of promotion services and brands on social sites can provide an advantage to entrepreneurs who know how to recognize the potential of such sites and the role that they can play in expanding the network of customers and clients.

With the rise of mobile browsing, the importance of social networks [...]

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