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15. September, 2017

5 Hacks how to Boost Page Clicks and Increase Conversion Rate in 30 Days

Page Clicks are the most important event in the online marketing. Marketers have worked for decades to discover the most influencing call to action messages and tactics. It is important and curtail for your business to have landing page with powerful call to action.

This is actually very simple to achieve with these 5 hacks and in this post, I will try to make it clear and informative in order everyone can understand the “magic behind”.

To boost page clicks on your landing page, you need powerful call to action. Call to action consist from only three main rules.

You should not make your customers think twice. You should drive your customers to act now. Demanding an [...]
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12. May, 2016

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions

If you see yourself struggling to increase traffic to your page, get more leads, improve signups for email, and acquire more clients it is very likely that your bounce rates are too high. To put it in different perspective, customers and visitors who come to your landing page, bounce off before there’s even a chance to make them convert. One of the ways you can increase rates for conversion is simply creating more landing pages. Research that was done buy HubSpot has revealed that companies who have more then 40 landing pages are getting 12 times more leads then companies who had 5 or less pages. When you start to see that bounce rates are going higher, it’s time [...]

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25. April, 2016

Create Best Call-To-Action Copy To Boost Conversions

If you are marketer, then you know that visitors who are not clicking are not converting. The people who visit your webpage can’t go through sign up form or checkout process without at least one clicked button. But even just one button, or as many as you have could be improved. People fail in optimizing call-to-action buttons, for the very simple reasons. So it’s time to stop ignoring little things, especially when you know you can depend exactly on them. If people are clicking, conversion process is starting and if not, nothing is happening. They will probably leave your site without the will to ever return back. Because of this, call-to-action button is probably [...]

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25. September, 2015

How Site Speed Impacts Conversions

When the Internet connection is slow, you certainly do not have the nerve to search anything on the Internet. The same happens to potential visitors of your website if page loads slowly. No matter how interesting and quality information website contains visitors lose interest due to slow load or waiting for information. Research has shown that visitors are willing to wait 3-5 seconds to web page load, then lose interest and move on. Site speed is an important factor because in addition to losing potential clients and visitors, you also lose a place in the search engines, because slow websites are worse positioned. The competition is great and that is why there is no more room [...]

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