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23. May, 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Content More Appealing

Have you even thought about what is important when it comes to content quality? The originality of your ideas and depth and research behind content really matter. But there are many other elements that will define factors what makes content really good. It takes lot more than just figures and facts to obtain a customer. One study has revealed that 38% of people who come to website will immediately bounce back off from there not interacting with site at all. So, what is the real trick behind engaging customers and making them read your content? You need to stop trying sounding too smart. If you want to sound too intelligent the content you wrote could seem confusing to your [...]

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10. May, 2016

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Demand Attention

If you talk with copywriters they will tell you that headlines are crucial for the success of your copy. The big number of people who only read headline will not continue reading if that title doesn’t grab their attention. The truth is that headlines matters so much. If you want to sell something online you have about 3 seconds to make lose visitors or make your point. If headlines are bad it will cost you sales. Honestly, you need, want and will love to have a great headline. Great headlines will convince people and bad one will send visitors somewhere else to spend the money. This reminds me of interesting quote that says : ” It follows that unless your headline [...]

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9. May, 2016

How to Repurpose Your Content

Let’s be honest, most of your blog posts and old content is aging, not like a fine wine but rather like a milk. While already at this point, you probably spend much time just creating that content. It probably took you months, or even few years for publishing each post on blog that’s high quality. Even though you tried hard there is one problem left. Pieces of those content didn’t aged well. As the main rule is, people will usually read posts on blog that are fresh or published this week and go away from those who are old or published months or years ago. Remember those posts you published before? Information is constantly evolving and changing. What was [...]

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4. April, 2016

What Content Types Should You Create?

Not all content is the same. Each content type has its own advantages over other content types. The most highly rated content marketing tactics are in-person events and e newsletters. There are many other content types which have gained popularity and offer numerous benefits.

It is a very subjective discussion and one cannot clearly explain which content type is better and which is worse. However, what one can do is draw comparisons based on certain parameters such as time and money to create said content, how effective it is etc. Here is an overview of some common content types.

BlogsA blog is an online hub where subjective opinions are posted, ideas are [...]
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