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19. January, 2017

CES 2017 Intel is behind the computer with the size of credit card that will control appliances.

Recently ended CES 2017 intel, showed us some very interesting new technology updates. We’ve seen the future and things that will change the way we communicate, entertain and work. Naturally, the spotlights were reserved for the biggest companies and the brightest one was at Intel stand. As always, people from Intel manage to amaze everyone with their new rising star product. What they created might change our homes and our business forever. And it can fit inside your pocket.

Computer giant created the smallest computer and called it “Compute card” and everyone is talking about it. It’s a credit card-sized computer and it has everything a computer needs to operate. It has CPU, [...]

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14. March, 2016

The Evolution Of Computer

Computers have become such an important part of our life be it a tablet, desktop computer or laptops. So much, that it’s hard to imagine time without it. Modern computers have big impact and effect on our society as a whole.

First generation of computer

First ever digital computer in our history was created in 1944. It weighed 5 tons and could only be used for calculations. This was first start of many computers that would come next, even though it had limited ability and big size. Those first computers didn’t had much resemblance to today’s versions, neither in performance or appearance.

All computers that were created from 1940 to 1956 were [...]

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4. February, 2016

How Computer Virus Spreads Online

Computer viruses are software programs written for causing serious damage to your PC with stealing your sensitive information maliciously spreading from one computer to another. It’s really one of worst nightmares PC users can have when turning on their system and realizing it’s infected. Even today, most of computer users understand what virus is and how they can protect themselves, but a lot of people don’t know how the virus spreads. Viruses has been here for very long time. In the beginnings, they were spread with floppy disks. Sharing programs through floppy disks was very common in era before internet, so people used this to put viruses inside. Nowadays, most [...]

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25. January, 2016

Why The Computer Freezes

How many times you went crazy after doing some important work in office, watching movie or playing your favorite video game and just when you want to save your part, the screen just freezes.

There could be many reasons why your PC is constantly freezing on a regular basis and few mayor problems that could cause this. Most common one is having a virus on your PC. They are stealing resources of your other system programs, and also stealing files or data in the background. Make sure to download quality antivirus program and scan entire system, it will also help making the computer run more smoothly.

If you have a lot of unused programs, make sure you delete them [...]

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