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22. April, 2016

Habbits of Unsuccesfull People Vs. Successfull People

There is no real recipe if you want to become successful person. There is no movie or script that you will watch and then after that become more successful in life. There are many differences between unsuccessful and successful people. The biggest difference is in daily decisions and habits. If you align and adjust your thoughts with other people who are successful  it will have big effect on how other people perceive and see you. This will also help you to understand what are their habits and how are they tuning their standards and values. Success has many elements, like determination, hard work and perseverance. Just desire to achieve greatness, is not enough, you have to [...]

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3. March, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge

For Samsung, S6 Edge was sort of a gamble. It featured unique and yet very unproven design. But in the end it paid off big time. Before S6 Edge proved itself on the market people were talking that the device will not even fulfill demands. But Samsung has now presented his successor, Galaxy S7 Edge, but is it worthy of a good improvement. When Galaxy S6 Edge came out, it was revolutionary. With display on dual sides and purpose of aesthetic looks with unique functionalities. Galaxy S7 Edge is not looking very different from S6 Edge. Because S6 was so successful they wanted to keep almost same design, only slightly refining it. Both of phones are looking very beautiful with [...]

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18. January, 2016

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad

Of course it makes a difference in price and more or less optional technical characteristics compared with rivals. However Amazon Kindle Fire has all the basic specifications and is one of the successful tablet according to the results of sales. We bring you a nice infographic showing the comparison of Kindle Fire and Apple iPad.

Thick, stout and tough is the best depiction of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Secured in textured dark plastic, it measures 413g, is more than 1cm thick and feels profound in the hand. It feels as though it could take a thump or two without issue.

It’s the fifth adaptation of the first Fire tablet, which initially propelled in [...]

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9. October, 2015

Comparison of Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers

For newer companies that are still in the process of starting, cloud hosting is the better choice. Read below to view the difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers.

Cloud Hosting

In essence, if you are a start-up company and to a large extent you rely on your web-based technology, and do not have the necessary funds to invest in on-site hosting, but are planning significant business growth in the very near future, then you will benefit from the cloud hosting. Since your business is primarily web-based, you really can not afford to experience a significant amount of down-time because your site takes too much resources on the server, but at the same time you need to [...]

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