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19. March, 2016

Click To Call Commerce

While people are using their smartphones for many different things, they are still being used for doing business when there is ad that attracts them. When people are searching through desktop they are not not really in purchase mode but after moving to mobile, they are. Consumers of smartphones are using them increasingly to connect with businesses directly. Researches have shown that click to call commerce contributed profit of one trillion in purchases made by consumers last year. Whats even more, studies have shown that people who are clicking to call straight from mobile phones ads are about 4 times more likely to make purchase of a service or product. Number of people [...]

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18. November, 2015

Top 10 Visual Commerce Trends for 2016

People are visual creatures – up to 90 percent of information that reach our brains represent visual information. Accordingly, the digital marketing has to give more attention to investing in its visual segment, creating a course that will quickly gain users focus and “force” them to spend as much time with what is presented. Content with quality visual elements is not only excellent “bait” to attract the attention of users, but it’s more often shared on social media and other digital channels.

Creating attractive visual elements that comprise the complex information that users can very quickly absorb, digital marketing is in step with the [...]

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18. June, 2015

How Pinterest Drives Online Commerce

Pinterest is a visual social network that lets users preserve, organize and share images and video clips that they find on the Internet. If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest, you might be surprised by the fact that it is the largest social network after Facebook and Twitter.

This social network has 70 million users per month and achieved 25 billion page views, which is an important factor if you’re promoting your products, and also is a good way to increase traffic to your site and raise awareness about your brand. It can be your main marketing strategy, you are not even aware of how Pinterest drives online commerce.

Pinterest is designed for people [...]

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