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15. June, 2016

The Wonderful World Of Clients

If you own a company or running a business, you do know what nightmare it can be, to deal with tough client. In too many situations, clients are known to have zero insight on what they want or even unrealistic expectations. There are all kinds of clients and most of them are not too desirable or attractive to deal with at all. It’s for one reason, and that is making unreasonable demands, eventually what happens is that entire staff becomes frustrated by them. Not a single company should endure having to work with tough clients. That is why I wanna talk and describe some of their characteristics so you can know how to recognize immediately when someone is going to be [...]

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10. December, 2015

How to Attract Clients Through LinkedIn

Social networks have become one of the most powerful and at the same time the cheapest tools for marketers. Today, almost no company, whether it is a multinational or a small, which does not have a page on one of the social networks – or at least should not exist such company. It is not difficult to collect fans, but the question is how to maintain their interest and convert them into customers.

We believe that you’ve all heard of LinkedIn social network. For those who have not heard – Linkedin is a business social network with an emphasis on business, of course. The social network is used solely for the purpose of business connection, whether you are searching for [...]

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3. November, 2015

Infographic – A Creative Way to New Clients

One of the most interesting and most effective ways to enrich the content on your blog, expand awareness of your brand and stimulate your audience is to create an infographic. If you are unfamiliar with the term, infographic is a graphical, visual display of more data, information and knowledge, which allows users to easily and quickly learn about a topic, in one interesting and attractive way.

Infographic should impress by the compound of useful information, valuable content and creative design (color, statistics, line graphs, forms). Infographic can be a great substitute for a PowerPoint presentation, you can also use it to display the achievements and accomplishments of the [...]

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