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26. December, 2015

A guide to corporate holiday cards

If you work at some company then there is a large chance that you get your holiday card every year. Why do companies send that cards to their employees? What it brings them? And what to do when sending one yourself? In this article you will find out everything.

Lots of people are wondering about corporate holiday cards and don’t know if that is a good idea. The answer is simple, it is a great idea. You can’t go wrong with these ones. Even if you don’t create a good holiday card it should still turn out good because employees, partners and customers will know that you care.

What you get with corporate holiday cards?

Like I said above, it is really hard to go [...]

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3. June, 2015

Creative Flat Business Cards for Download

History of business cards

The emergence of a business cards are linked to France during the reign of Louis XIV, and the English merchant cards from the 17th and 18th centuries are the most similar to today’s modern business cards. Over time, the cards are becoming increasingly popular, because they were the simplest and most effective means of advertising. In the 19th century, business cards and invitations have become everyday needs of the middle class.

Permanent mark that represents a person

Besides the information which is needed for future contacts, business cards serves to promote products and services. Particular attention is paid to the original and unique card, [...]

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2. June, 2015

Best memory cards for Android smartphones

Which are the best memory cards for Android smartphones?

Many smartphone manufacturers  decide to produce their top models without the possibility of microSD memory expansion. And if you are lucky and encounter a model that allows it, it is very important that you choose the right memory card.  The same rule applies when you buy video camera.

Manufacturers of smart phones have their own philosophy in the development of top models. They want to make them as closed systems which can not be upgraded. First of all it refers to the expansion memory, or to change the battery. Today we deal with the memories.

Users in most cases have very negative reaction to the fact [...]

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29. May, 2015

TOP 5 Best PC Graphic Cards

Best PC Graphic Cards

Are you a PC gamer? Then trust us on this: there is no other component nearly as important as the graphics card. Yes, your monitor and even your mouse matter. But nothing has more impact on both frame rates and fun than your graphics card.

The simple solution is to buy the very best. But that also means the most expensive. For most of us, then, it’s all about bang-for-buck at a given budget. Just remember to think carefully about how you match your graphics card with the rest of your PC. If you have a super-high resolution monitor, for instance, you’re going to need a high-end graphics card to make the most of it.

But, equally, [...]

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