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4. February, 2016

How to Make the Best Business Card

Your business card, is perhaps one of most important tool you will create for business marketing. It will also make you stand among the rest of crowded competition. Many people overlook this part of business because they look at cards as only piece of paper, and since we are in digital era opinions are that it belongs to ancient era, but it’s true they reflect your brand image.

First thing that you will consider when creating one, is depending on your type of business, what information you want to convey. Your name, company logo and info like email or phone number must be clearly displayed and visible. Also consider that having too much detailed information could [...]

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3. September, 2015

e-SIM: Is it time to say goodbye to the SIM card?

Although they used to be a key ingredient of elevation of mobile phones, SIM cards have never been practical to use. When they emerged – the first in 1991 produced a German company Giesecke & Devrient and sold 300 pieces of Finnish telecom Radiolinja – were one of the key elements that have made portable phones, despite they never been practical to use. Decades later SIM card became limit which, like many other technologies before them, could soon become history.

Although they reduced the size of a credit card on the size of a fingernail, it was not enough. The smartphones can be a super-slim, but not thinner than the SIM card. Another option is to pack them [...]

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