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7. May, 2017

The 10 best countries to live in around the world doing laptop lifestyle 2017

This article will cover 10 best countries to live in around the world. For each one of these countries, we will pick a city based on few factors.

Internet Speed Safety Costs Lifestyle

We are going to talk about in more details about these few points and explore some of the advantages and disadvantages. Following the topic, these selections are based on the laptop life style in 2017.

10. The United States, Miami, FL


(Source: Pinterest)

$ 2,956.80 is the average salary after tax in the US, Miami. The internet speed in the US is mostly great 15 MBPS in Miami on Avg.


The internet speed in Miami is very good and comparing to the other [...]

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16. March, 2016

Business Etiquette Around The World

What are the mores during the handshake, business meeting or lunch, and which gestures are acceptable and which are not in 18 different countries around the world? During a business trip overseas, something as simple as getting to know and shaking hands with colleagues, becomes extremely important and can lay a good foundation necessary for making a deal, or, on the other hand, it can sabotage the entire job. Business etiquette is very important thing when you are visiting different countries.

In Turkey, for example, you have to shake hands with people in the order according to their functions in the company, from higher to lower positions. In Singapore, it is considered rude [...]

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15. March, 2016

Good Customer Service Is Good Business

Both customer service and customers are equally important for success of your business. In today’s age, you can’t attract customers if you are not offering good service. And if you don’t have customers, you are not having business either. It’s not so hard as it seems at first sight. There’s no need for sending your workers on training for days, you don’t need to invest big amount of money,and there is no business course. There are few questions you would need to know in order to apply it for your business. You must know what is great service, why you should be doing it, what can your customer get from it and how will you even know when you [...]

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18. February, 2016

Phone Communication And Your Business

Phone communication is still one of most used ways of talking in business. Even though last year phone communicating in companies is reduced to 5% and businesses are more oriented on digital communication by using texting, social media websites and emails,  phones still has much benefits. It could be said that deals are done or lost even on short telephone conversations. Phone calling is some of the best ways to get a quick and direct response, because its similar to talking to someone face to face. When you dial and reach person that’s available for talk, you can instantly start to deal with business on spot. Similar to when you leave messages on email inbox, you can [...]

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