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1. September, 2017

5 Business Ideas, You Can Turn into Business for Less Than $1,000

Business ideas are born on a daily basis in our heads with many possible failure scenarios for failure. You are not the only person that has become a victim of your own brain. It does not mean that, you cannot do this, it simply means that, you are afraid to go out of your comfortable zone that you are used to. I quit my job for instance, because I believe in what I do. Thousands of people are considering starting a business every day. However, they all face the same problems. The first major problem, which I believe is the biggest dream breaker is the lack of confidence. The second major problem is that some people do not believe in themselves.


You might be sat [...]

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18. April, 2017

Avoid These Common Web Design Mistakes When Building Your Business Website

Running a business website can often be a disappointing affair. The upsurge of visitors could quickly turn into a trickle and you might experience people leaving your website without converting to subscribers and customers. Even if you invest effort, time and money, the results can still be pretty mediocre, to say the least. When this happens, most website owners focus on fixing up the content, improving the marketing strategy and SEO and tend to neglect one crucial aspect and that is the web design. That said, here are the most common web design mistakes you should avoid when building a business website.

Having a slow website

Incorporating the latest technologies and [...]

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7. January, 2015

Amazing and creative business cards for download

We wrote about this particular topic several times, you can read our previous articles: Why are business cards still alive, and also we offered you some tips how to handling with business card.

Tiny but important

Present yourself well to the stranger, future business partner, client, friend or co-worker’s is skill that develops from day to day. Many people devise cards that at first glance are saying what they do and how they work. They don’t afraid to communicate original and different because they know many qualities of creative business cards, which will stay in employer’s memory when he hire for jobs.

It is always good to put on a business card a [...]

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19. September, 2014

Business Card Templates

In a previous article we mentioned that business cards are not extinct yet.

Although in today’s business, we usually communicate via e-mail, people can find out everything over the internet and most of the correspondence is done using modern technology, but there is one little thing that is not only very practical but it is also an ideal way of leaving a good impression and “breaking the ice” at the meetings.

Technology is advancing, brands come and go, but one business tradition for centuries remains the same. The exchange of business cards between people who met for the first time . It is an inevitable rite in the business [...]

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