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3. May, 2017

Business Icons Set with Exciting Authentic Selection

Business icon set comes a time when you feel like you need to refresh your website and engage your audience with some graphic updates. It’s safe to say that the easiest way to fresh up your presentation is to throw in some new icons, just for the start. Changes made in such a way are discrete but powerful and such changes can really animate the public. This is why in this article we are going to see some of the most interesting website icon packs there are on the market. Each of these design solutions is meant to make your design crisp, fresh and up to date. So enjoy these interesting icons and pick your favorite.

Business Icons – Blue Series

An [...]

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18. February, 2015

Cool & Creative Infographic Business Cards

You want something more than another generic business card template you are able to change text only? You wish to personalize your business card a little bit more? You want more than few color combinations, but you’re not that familiar with colors and therefore unable to create your own color combination? If answer to all those sentences is “yes” then this is the perfect article for you. We present you Infographic Business Cards!

In the business world without business cards, nobody will take you serious. If you are one of those people that at the workplace does a regular meeting and meeting new people, certainly in your collection you have a large number of business cards that [...]

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11. September, 2014

Creative flat design business cards templates

We are one of those who have so far considered that the card is a thing of the past. We thought that in the digital age enough to have a website, linkedin and smart phone to leave a good impression on potential business partners. Card to us in a vision fit as a horse and carriage in the Star Wars-in. But it looks that the horse and carriage is (still) not dead. Why?

Probably you have been so far in business meetings in a little larger companies, where would thex get you card, and when the interlocutors sat down, took out a business card and would almost always put in front, facing you.. We assume that this is due to business etiquette, just to give you to know who’s [...]

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