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20. May, 2016

The Psychology Behind Developing Brand Loyalty

Brands that are effective have a really strong identity that people can relate to. Companies which understand psychology of branding on a deep level so they have to develop certain abilities to be able to mentally connect with customers. There’s an opinion that you need to have regular engagement and contact with your customers, but that is actually not entirely true.  The truth is that most people simply don’t care how much you’re interacting with them. Companies that want to understand what’s the real secret sauce behind creating strong brand have to look into 5 key dimensions. Excitement, competence, ruggedness, sophistication and sincerity. Each of [...]

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8. April, 2016

How To Master The Digital First Impression

First impression is always lasting in people’s minds. This is not just a saying anymore. Neurobiology studies have actually proven this. Employers just need around 3 seconds to decide whether they like you or don’t. So it’s essential for you to make a good presence online, so no one can doubt you. In today’s digital age it’s very important what you say, how you look and behave, as those are tools vital for job application. Several years ago, most of the impressions for jobs were formed through connections in real world, often times through the handshakes. So the first impression was gained face to face, and later on someone could learn about [...]

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4. April, 2016

Top 20 Best Logo Templates For Spring 2016

Nothing else can better symbolize your company as it does logo. It makes you stand out from the rest. The distinctive symbol, is one of the most important elements of any business. Nothing can so easily and effectively establish visual contact with the public and influence the formation of the identity of your business.

Have you ever wondered what effect logo leaves on the viewer? What image is going through your head when someone mentions brands like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola? A large number of people will think of the golden-yellow letter M with strong arches of McDonald’s as a symbol or a specific written font for Coca-Cola.

It’s interesting that, [...]

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22. March, 2016

How To Use Periscope To Build Personal Brand

If you are thinking on building and expanding your personal brand, Periscope might be your answer and a thing worth looking for. Periscope is basically a tool that you use in order to create live broadcasts from your smartphone. You can also view others people broadcasts. Periscope is really easy to use as it’s all about simplicity and intimacy. It requires no editing, has no commercials, countdown timers or webinar slides. If you can remember, around 20 years ago the best way to build your brand was through investing in airing time on TV. It was a pretty common thing back then to see national infomercials and commercials. Periscope works in a way that it transforms [...]

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