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11. July, 2017

How to start a blog and become an authority author?

These days blogging is one of the most important aspects of marketing, particularly content marketing. It is a large industry with many interested parties, and they all want one thing-highest reach on the market. In order to achieve this, content creators need to make a name for themselves, and that requires a lot of effort. If you are even considering to start a blog, there is a lot you need to know just to get started. Lucky for you, that is our topic for today. In this article, we are going to go through everything you need to do in order to start a blog and begin making a name for yourself.

Starting a blog 101 NICHE

What do you want to blog about? You may think [...]

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4. April, 2016

What Content Types Should You Create?

Not all content is the same. Each content type has its own advantages over other content types. The most highly rated content marketing tactics are in-person events and e newsletters. There are many other content types which have gained popularity and offer numerous benefits.

It is a very subjective discussion and one cannot clearly explain which content type is better and which is worse. However, what one can do is draw comparisons based on certain parameters such as time and money to create said content, how effective it is etc. Here is an overview of some common content types.

BlogsA blog is an online hub where subjective opinions are posted, ideas are [...]
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15. March, 2016

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

Creating a blog can be really fun, but did you knew that you can also monetize your blog and start earning money from it? Blog is really great way to earn profit on a long term. And you can write about stuff you care about and like. But, this is not just plug and play business or quick way to get rich. If that is what you aim for, this is not for you. Like with every job online, you can make money but nothing is guaranteed. People who tell you the other way are not being honest. The amount of profit you make only depends on your efforts and 100% on you. The biggest difference between working online and going to the work is that, if you do this right way, it will continue to [...]

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12. February, 2016

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

If you want to really start growing your business, you have to start writing blog. It’s honestly one of most important parts of business. Blog is going to help you with driving more traffic to your website and staying in contact with your customers. It can also help you on social media because each time you post something on blog you create content that users can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or some other website. This helps your business to be presented to new customers that you don’t know yet. If you already have one built, you can use it to show some special skills or specific area of work you are expertise, people are responding to leadership. With a [...]

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