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15. March, 2016

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

Creating a blog can be really fun, but did you knew that you can also monetize your blog and start earning money from it? Blog is really great way to earn profit on a long term. And you can write about stuff you care about and like. But, this is not just plug and play business or quick way to get rich. If that is what you aim for, this is not for you. Like with every job online, you can make money but nothing is guaranteed. People who tell you the other way are not being honest. The amount of profit you make only depends on your efforts and 100% on you. The biggest difference between working online and going to the work is that, if you do this right way, it will continue to [...]

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10. November, 2013

Blog Infographic – Why You Should Be Writing a Blog?

Infographic About Blog

Are you asking yourself “Why you should be writing a Blog?” If that’s the case , then I suggest you take a look to this infographic. CopyPress has made ​​infographic below to explain how blogging helps you to generate more visitors, leads and get more traffic. The infographic shows that companies that blogging per month receive 55% more visitors . This is mainly because they have something to say and their articles are shared through various online channels . Consumers are increasingly looking online for answers to their questions and articles are an excellent way to provide solutions. In addition, companies with 51-100 pages on their website [...]

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