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16. March, 2014

Selfie Infographic – “Selfiegraphic” Facts and Statistics

Selfies are headlines and front-page news. President Barack Obama caught hell for taking selfies with world leaders at Mandela’s funeral ceremony. Kim Kardashian takes them of her butt and new bikinis.Justin Bieber made whole selfie music videoclip.And as you already know “Oscar selfie” produced by Ellen DeGeneres became most famous selfie of all time, braking retweets record and crashing Twitter.A selfie picture made with Samsung smartphone at Academy Awards made next day headlines. Samsung promised to give $1 to charity for each retweet most famous selfie will receive.. Selfies are everywhere. Currently it’s one of the most popular pictures type around the [...]

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13. March, 2014

21 Stunning Design Infographic Template for Data Presentation

If you are looking for best quality and stunning design infographic template, this post will definitely help you. We have selected fresh and most recent flat design infographic templates. Keynote and PowerPoint infographics are really popular today. Using powerful presentation tools like Keynote or MS Powerpoint, you can create awesome presentations and visualize your data in professional way. To make creation process faster and easier, infographic template might be perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you are top graphic designer or beginner, infographic template helps anyone to achieve their goals quickly and professionally. Your colleagues, customers or website visitors will [...]

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30. October, 2013

Uniqlo – Unique and Successful Social Marketing Campaign

Creating Unique and Successful Social Marketing Campaign

Recently i noticed a video by Uniqlo, which really caught my attention. Why? Answer is really simple: unique and never seen before idea. To be precise – folks at Uniqlo found unique and eye catching way to advertise they brand on social network Pinterest. As i have mentioned many times in my previous articles – unique idea is the key to your success. Whether  it would be infographic , logo, video or any other form of data visualization or advertising. Creating successful social marketing campaign, we have to answer main question: how can your brand gain ownership and climb over all [...]

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20. October, 2013

How to create successful startup? Infographic video

Great Infographic explaining current world economy situation and what is needed to created a good startup in UK and worldwide. If you wondering how to create successful startup this video might help you to better understand current economy situation.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/FA9xHbgmVWw?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Infographic templates optimized for social networks, promotions and products. Including build-in social design and add-ons, such as social icons, fonts and colors palettes. Our blog covers the latest social media marketing [...]

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