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24. September, 2017

Bitcoin Price and the Real Potential into the Cryptocurrency? Infographic Edition

Bitcoin price is very volatile. However, despite all that bitcoin is believed to be the new modern cryptocurrency, that will overtake the fiat currencies in the near feature. Or if that does not happen for some reason the chances the bitcoin to become a preferred method of payment is very likely. However, before we go into the facts and the details about the bitcoin phenomena. I would like to begin with a bit of background.

Predominantly for 19th and 20th centuries, the world’s most successful currencies were with fixed value for gold, silver and other precious metals.

The creation of such valuable connection between gold and money, helped to attract investors gain [...]

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10. February, 2016

How Bitcoin Is Changing The Face Of Non-Profits

When you work in a non-profit organization still occurs fight in collecting sufficient funds to support your mission and efforts, you are therefore obliged to take every opportunity that came to achieve this objective. But do you know that Bitcoin can greatly help you in the administration?

If you’ve tried to talk to anyone about Bitcoins, you’ll probably realize that most people don’t have a clue what Bitcoins are. In fact, less than 30% of Americans have ever even heard of Bitcoin, let alone know what how it works or why anyone should use it. You can find out more about this currency in one of our previous articles.

Bitcoin facilitates non-profit organizations that [...]

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24. November, 2015

Bitcoin vs E-Money

Many people would say that the arrival of the Bitcoin and Electronic money has marked the beginning of a technology centered economic revolution. Like any major breakthrough projects, these are also frowned upon and hidden behind a veil of skepticism, but the fact is more merchants are accepting this type of payment in exchange for their products or services, thus neglecting palpable currencies. With a slight intention of a dramatic effect, let’s say that this could irreversibly change our lives and social interactions.

Besides both being digital, Bitcoin and e-money have little in common. While e-money is a system tied to the real and government-issued money designed to [...]

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29. September, 2015

What is Bitcoin

Ever heard about Bitcoin? Do you know what that is? If you don’t know don’t worry because you’re probably not the only one. But I’m here to help you. Bitcoin is the name for digital money which is created and stored on the internet. Bitcoin is not printed and it is not controlled by anyone. It is created by people of the world with the help of computers that solve mathematical problems. Bitcoin is also the first example of this kind of money called cryptocurrency. Why is it different than other currencies? Well, bitcoin is used for digital shopping and with that in mind it is not much different than any other currencies (dollar, euro) which are also used for online transactions. But, [...]

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